Lasya The virtual dance studio

Lasya in Sanskrit means ‘grace’. The term Lasya, in the context of Hindu mythology, describes the dance performed by Goddess Parvati as it expresses happiness and is filled with grace and beauty. She is believed to have danced the Lasya in response to the male energy of the cosmic dance of Tandava performed by Lord Shiva. In a literal sense, Lasya means beauty, happiness and grace. 

Vision of Lasya is to spread happiness through dance across the world through online Odissi classes. It’s a platform to develop grace, strength, flexibility, focus, discipline & will power through this beautiful art form. It’s an attempt towards self-discovery & self-refinement through this beautiful journey of dance. During this intensive training process, you will be in a state to challenge your comfort zone physically, mentally & emotionally. Lasya is the dream project of Mrs. Punyaprabha Mohapatra who is a passionate Odissi dancer & is also the founder of Lasya.

Lasya is actively involved in training Odissi classical dance through online mode and will soon venture into exploring avenues to experiment with new concepts like fusion of classical & contemporary dance forms. Keeping in sync with the changing socio cultural environment Lasya is already into research to choreograph new themes which the millennial’s can relate to and this initiative will kindle an interest towards this beautiful dance form. Lasya believes in evolution & transformation by keeping the core values intact, which is inevitable to keep this beautiful art form flourish in years to come.

Lasya is consistently experimenting with various platforms to merge technology with art form to make it convenient for it’s students & art lovers across the world to learn/get trained without leaving their place of residence. This convergence will definitely create a global community cutting across boundaries leading to one world one earth with a common thread of art & happiness binding them all.

We at Lasya look forward to connect with all those who appreciate art & culture and are interested to explore this beautiful journey of dance …. Lets flow with the rhythm of dance.

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